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Ace Grading offers collectors modern, consistent and transparent card grading.

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Three pokemon cards

Ace Grading

Our Philosophy

Ace Grading believes at its core that card grading is evolving.

While the authentication and grading process remains the most critical element of our service, we want to push the boundaries. We believe that every card graded should be treated as a prized possession, and each collector should feel proud to show it off. Therefore we’ve designed our custom plastic casing and labels to represent this. Our clear and rigid case provides the best protection for your card, but at the same time, it exemplifies the encased card to ensure that, as a whole, your card feels like a trophy piece.

Ace Grading

Launch Edition Case

Ace Grading is proud to present our Launch Edition case to celebrate our service's origins and mark the occasion. Submitters will receive a specially marked case with the Ace Grading shield logo embedded on the front and back of the slab.

We thank you for your overwhelming support, and we can’t wait for you to receive these historic cases that we hope to look back on in years to come as a celebration of the foundation of Ace Grading.

Why Grade your Pokemon Cards?

Card grading provides collectors with a multitude of benefits. A third-party grade based on the condition of your collectible not only gives you peace of mind but also gives transparency to all parties when buying, trading or selling.

In addition to this, we will sonically seal your card in a protective plastic casing to avoid further damage. This casing, combined with our stunning labels, ensures you’ll have pride when displaying your collection.

Ace Grading


Security is fundamental to Ace Grading, we have designed our case and our labels with this in mind whilst utilising third party specialist companies with advanced AI counterfeit technologies.

Label Security

  • Foil logo
  • QR code
  • Cypheme

A high quality printed label with a foil logo on the back and illuminated gold front makes replication difficult to produce.

A quick scan of your QR code and you can verify details of your collectible such as the cards population & unique certification number.

Additionally custom designed cases are instrumental to Ace, using shatter proof plastic of the highest quality encasing your card safely and securely.

Back of label with holofoil logo

Ace is the first grading service in the world to implement Cypheme.

Cypheme logo

Cypheme is the largest security revolution within the card grading industry to date. Cypheme labels are impossible to reproduce and include such technologies as a unique chemical fingerprint, geolocation & state of the art anti- counterfeiting solutions.

By simply scanning your Cypheme label on your Ace graded card it will provide a definitive guarantee of authenticity. Furthermore it will link your collectible to the details and card scan provided meaning each Ace Graded card with the security every collectible deserves.

Cypheme security tag graphic

Unique Signature

A special ink applied on each tag creates a chemically unique signature that can not be counterfeited. Those unique signatures are recorded in a secure cloud.

AI Powered

Only AI could match the phone picture and the cloud original picture to authenticate the match

Colour recognition

An additional circle of orange colour is designed around the sticker. This colour is unique and can not be found in the Pantone references.

Ace Grading


standard label


The first is known as our Standard label and is our flagship design. The inspiration for this label comes from our brand identity as a whole and reflects our commitment to providing an affordable but luxury service. After all, the cards we grade are often high in sentimental and monetary value; the label needs to reflect this.

colour match label

Colour Match

Every card is different. That’s why with our second label variant, known as a Colour Match label, the colour characteristics will match the most prominent colours from the encased card. This label style is perfect for those who want to show off their card individually.

ace label

Ace Label

Last but not least, we have our elusive Ace Label This label variant is reserved for the most sought after and often the rarest cards. This label will boast a unique design with elements reminiscent of the encased cards design.

Ace Grading

The Process

It’s safe to say that the card grading and high-end collectables industry has grown exponentially over the past year and a half.

With this, companies and services have seen their demand skyrocket, which has led to closures and a dramatically reduced quality of service.

Our solution for Ace Grading is to operate on an allocation system.

Our general workflow and estimated turnaround times are constantly reviewed to understand our managing capacity for each service level.

Once this capacity reaches its limit, we will temporarily close that service level.

As we clear the backlog and extra capacity becomes available, the service level will be reopened.

This process will happen automatically via our system, so if a service level is temporarily closed at a given time, it may only take a couple of hours for the service to re-open.

Celebi V card with Ace label