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Our Philosophy

Ace Grading believes at its core that trading card grading is evolving.

While the authentication and grading process remains the most critical element of our service, we want to push the boundaries. We believe that every card graded should be treated as a prized possession, and each collector should feel proud to show it off. Therefore we've designed our custom plastic casing and labels to represent this. Our clear and rigid case provides the best protection for your card, but at the same time, it exemplifies the encased card to ensure that, as a whole, your card feels like a trophy piece.

Ace Grading

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Ace Grading has been grading the Pokémon TCG since its opening in 2021. Ace Grading was founded by Pokémon enthusiasts, and perfected the Ace Grading Scale through our history of Pokémon cards, and have the most extensive Ace Label library.

Discover the thrill of collecting Pokémon cards, showcasing beloved characters from Pikachu to Charizard, or dive into the nostalgic Base Set to recapture the magic of your early collecting days! Maybe you'll pull the latest Special Illustrator Rare, or the cutest version of your favourite Pokémon, you can get your cards graded and preserved with Ace Grading's professional service to maintain these treasures in the finest condition conceivable!

Ace Grading is offering grading services on all of the Sidemen Topps cards, and we have custom-designed Sidemen Labels! We're offering a limited edition Ace Grading Sidemen Topps Case to encapsulate the Sidemen Topps cards.

Enjoy collecting the amazing Gamertag cards, featuring the handles of your favourite YouTubers, or the Younger Years to see what these guys looked like over 20 years ago! Remember the excitement from their Top 10 Videos, or relive the laughter of the Greatest Moments from the Sidemen, and get these graded and encapsulated with their Ace Grading labels to keep these cards in the best condition possible!

Weiss Schwarz is a fan favourite, and it was the most requested TCG to add to the Ace Grading supported TCG list. We have one of the most complete Weiss Schwarz databases in the world, including English translations for many of the Japanese cards.

What truly distinguishes Weiss Schwarz from its contemporaries is its unique integration of popular media franchises. Weiss sets, for instance, feature the well-loved Vtuber company, Hololive Productions, while Schwarz sets draw from thrilling series like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online (SAO). Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice player, we believe you'll be amazed by how stunning Weiss Schwarz cards look once graded by Ace.

The Akora TCG is a fast paced game based in the manga-style aesthetic, which makes sense, as they also have a tie-in manga series too! The world of Akora included ancient Alchemists that summoned creatures to battle each other, until it became too much for the world when evil got involved. Now… it's a card game!

The game consists of two decks, one where you keep different stages of your Akora, and your Alchemy deck, which is dictated by your Akora. One of the things that makes Akora stand out, is that it has been created in the UK, and the team behind this game have been implementing their own spin on what makes a tabletop game good fun to play.

One of the fastest growing competitive trading card games in the world right now is the One Piece card game, released by Bandai!

If you want to jump aboard with Monkey D. Luffy and sail the seas, make sure to keep your collectables at their best with Ace Grading, and then set sail to trade and compete across the planet!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game features many of the incredible characters from the Dragon Ball universe. Whether you're a Goku die-hard, or a Beerus fan, or a Frieza loyalist, you can use your Dragon Ball deck to wipe out your enemies in the style of Ki-based martial arts.

With Dragon Ball Super, you can claim all of the Dragon Balls and if you ask Shenron really, really nicely, you might even match your fantastic cards with an Ace Label, showing off your favourite characters in style with Ace Grading.

In 2020, the Digimon Card Game returned. Are you one of the DigiDestined? If so, get your companion Digimon ready, as we're about to enter the battle area.

Though there are a lot of people in the Digital World that believe a Digivice is the only way to secure your Digimon, we believe the best way is perfectly evaluating their condition, and then giving them the protective shell that they deserve, so your digital companions can stay just as fresh in the real world.

You have been summoned. Your imagination has led you to many places, but none are as fantastical as the wonderful realm of Lorcana.

This chapter based story card game is a true masterpiece of collecting for any true Disney lover, and we can't wait to see more of the elusive, secret rare Enchanted cards!

Presenting a realm that extends beyond our imagination. From elemental wizards to formidable Beasts, Magic: The Gathering is, of course, a little bit of magic, but also the longest running card game from Wizards of the Coast.

We understand that Magic: The Gathering is not just a game - this is why we're dedicated to offering you the highest level of service in grading your treasured MTG cards. With our specialized grading metrics for MTG, your cards will look more magnificent than a Kaladesh Invention!

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Grade your valuable trading cards from around the world with no additional hassle to our domestic service offering.

Ace Grading provides free shipping to our offices in the UK from every international market we operate in.

Ace Grading


Security is fundamental to Ace Grading, we have designed our case and our labels with this in mind whilst utilising third party specialist companies with advanced AI counterfeit technologies.

Label Security

  • Foil logo
  • QR code
  • Cypheme

A high quality printed label with a foil logo on the back and illuminated gold front makes replication difficult to produce.

A quick scan of your QR code and you can verify details of your collectible such as the cards population & unique certification number.

Additionally custom designed cases are instrumental to Ace, using shatter proof plastic of the highest quality encasing your card safely and securely.

Back of label with holofoil logo

Ace is the first grading service in the world to implement Cypheme.

Cypheme logo

Cypheme is the largest security revolution within the card grading industry to date. Cypheme labels are impossible to reproduce and include such technologies as a unique chemical fingerprint, geolocation & state of the art anti- counterfeiting solutions.

By simply scanning your Cypheme label on your Ace graded card it will provide a definitive guarantee of authenticity. Authenticate your cards.

Cypheme security tag graphic

Unique Signature

A special ink applied on each tag creates a chemically unique signature that cannot be counterfeited. Those unique signatures are recorded in a secure cloud.

AI Powered

AI is utilised to match the uploaded image with the original to ensure authenticity.

Colour recognition

An additional circle of orange colour is printed around the sticker. This colour is unique and can not be found in the Pantone references.

Ace Grading


standard label


The first is known as our Standard label and is our flagship design. The inspiration for this label comes from our brand identity as a whole and reflects our commitment to providing an affordable but luxury service. After all, the cards we grade are often high in sentimental and monetary value; the label needs to reflect this.

colour match label

Colour Match

Every card is different. That's why with our second label variant, known as a Colour Match label, the colour characteristics will match the most prominent colours from the encased card. This label style is perfect for those who want to show off their card individually.

ace label

Ace Label

Last but not least, we have our elusive Ace Label This label variant is reserved for the most sought after and often the rarest cards. This label will boast a unique design with elements reminiscent of the encased cards design.

Ace Grading

The Process

It's safe to say that the card grading and high-end collectibles industry has grown exponentially over the past year and a half.

With this, companies and services have seen their demand skyrocket, which has led to closures and a dramatically reduced quality of service.

Our solution for Ace Grading is to operate on an allocation system.

Our general workflow and estimated turnaround times are constantly reviewed to understand our managing capacity for each service level.

Once this capacity reaches its limit, we will temporarily close that service level.

As we clear the backlog and extra capacity becomes available, the service level will be reopened.

This process will happen automatically via our system, so if a service level is temporarily closed at a given time, it may only take a couple of hours for the service to re-open.

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