Ace Grading

Overseas Developments

We have now expanded our service availability to the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and we are incredibly excited to see submitter cards from across the globe!

By utilising DHL Express services we are providing complete end to end tracking, thousands of drop off locations worldwide and fast transit times.


We have integrated a fully custom application with the key aim of simplicity for our international submitters.

Once your submission has been created the only requirement from you is to print your DHL Express label and drop it off at your nearest drop off point.

DHL Express handles all the rest including all customs clearances, no need for forms or filling out any additional paperwork.


Our submitters benefit from our DHL Express account rates to and from Ace Grading, meaning not only are you getting a superior service but also the most competitive international shipping rates.

Additionally no upfront shipping cost is required from you, we only charge once your order is ready to return, and importantly we will never pass on import duties or taxes.

Use our Shipping Cost Calculator to get an estimate for your location.

Multiple Currencies Supported

Beyond bringing our services to a wider audience, we are proud to accept many of the worlds top traded currencies. Invoices will always be transparent and it will be easy for you to see exactly how much you are spending.

This means you can pay in a currency you are familiar with and avoid additional currency exchange fees from your bank. However, if you so wish you also have the ability to pay in all our other supported currencies.*

*Alternate currencies not available to customers based in the UK.

The Future

This is only the start of our international ambitions, we are working with DHL Express on opening our services up to the world, accepting cards from anywhere and everywhere!

We continue to develop our service, with upcoming features such as fully integrating parcel tracking into your Ace dashboard, as well as looking to provide value options and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Shipping with other services - Please Read

By building a bespoke integration with DHL Express, we have gone to every length to ensure the shipping process is as smooth and simple as possible, including how tax is handled.

We can therefore only accept submissions that have been sent to us via the integrated DHL Express service, and will have to refuse acceptance of any submissions sent via other means.